Thursday, July 15, 2010

a little piece of heaven

We found our very own perfect little corner of the universe. We sat on the floor with piles of books, trying to figure out what we wanted. They literally were the toughest decisions I have had to make for a while. There were so many worn, old covers, and there was the smell of aged novels all around. One that I had gotten even had a library card in the back that had been stamped back to 1977 as the last time it had been checked out. This was a million times better than any old Barnes and Noble.

the fair came to town!

july first and fourth

#1. On the first, I went to the park downtown, where there was an event that featured live music, and the chance to dance out in the nice weather. Sadly, I sat alone on a blanket, but it was nice watching everyone joyfully dance around. It made me smile seeing the movement and silly people.
#2. Sometime between the first and fourth of July, I noticed how lovely the butterfly bushes were when the sun was rising.
#3 & #4. The fourth was probably the best fourth of July I have had in a long time. A few things that we did included sparklers, and setting off small bottle rockets and other fireworks in the backyard. Those were the activities that we did later in the evening, but, they were probably the best part of it with the exception of the grand finale at the fireworks that we saw down by the river.